Well, I’ve finally gone and done it.

After several people telling me that I am so opinionated on Facebook that I should have a blog I have started one – “The Truth Machine”.

Why that name? For years my friend Luke has discussed the idea of building a Truth Machine, a form of assisted A.I. that would mine information and test its veracity.  Think of it as a “bullshit detector” for the internet.  Now, this is NOT what my blog will be – but the concept inspires me and the title will help me hold my own feet to the fire.

Over time you will find posts on a wide variety of things, depending on what has caught my eye, contained herein. Expect musings on local politics, national politics, humor, religion, memories, etc. etc.  I may sometime post everyday, or I may go periods without. Hopefully some of you will find it interesting enough to give feedback. Then again, perhaps I will just be talking to myself. Is this thing on? Buehler? Buehler?

So hold on, it may be a bumpy ride!