As a supporter of Obama’s from day one, with a strong belief that he intends to do the right thing, I believe he should pay very close attention to this resignation letter. I think it is a spot on analysis of the situation. Even Charlie Wilson, the Republican ex-Congressman largely responsible for the Afghan success against the Soviets, is saying given a choice between fighting this war and personally fighting a chainsaw he’d choose the chainsaw.

If we wait for the “right time” or “right strategy” to leave, we will be there forever, or until our own system fails under the weight just as the Soviets did. In order to get to Al Qaeda we interjected ourselves into a decades old civil war. We need to extricate ourselves from it now. Any illusion that how many Afghanis die is changed by our presence is just that. The only thing changed by our presence is how many americans die, and how many Afghans look out beyond their own borders at America as the enemy, thus fueling Al Qaeda. We need to get out yesterday.
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