David Norman has been a political activist since the age of 9, when he appeared as a panelist on The David Susskind Show and implored the Justice Department to “throw the book” at Richard Nixon. In High School he advocated for teacher’s rights, leading a movement that forced his high school to reinstate a teacher transferred for political reasons and was the Director of his school’s Close System Radio Station. After a brief stint as a radio DJ in college David started his own music management firm and eventually landed at Traffic, a NY Rock-n-Roll Magazine where he co-wrote a regular column as well as the occasional feature interview, most notably with Blues Traveler and The Kids In The Hall.

After a multi-year absence while he pursued a career in Business Intelligence, which he admits may be the greatest oxymoron ever, David returned to political activism in 2000 when he became involved in a local effort to get a dog run built in a local park. Since then David has gone on to actively support anti-corruption ordinances in Jersey City, NJ and founded Hudson Animal Advocates, which successfully sued to have an animal shelter organization that was engaged in animal cruelty shut down, its President criminally charge and all animal control certification revoked.

Today David splits his time between his work as a Sr. Business Analyst for CBS, advocating for many progressive issues, and writing this blog. He lives in Jersey City, NJ with his dogs Leroy, 12 and Amanda, 9.