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It is time for us all to agree on one thing at least; the shootings in Arizona Saturday were not about Left or Right, and the only people who are saying that are the right, who claim they are being “demonized.” This is about responsible vs. irresponsible behavior. Not just the behavior of the individual, […]

As you prepare to undertake the Afghanistan War Policy Review, I thought it might be time for me to undertake my own American Presidency Policy Review. As the ground situations in Iraq and Afghanistan have changed dramatically as the result of your decisions, so the ground situation in the United States has changed (or in some cases failed to change) as the result of me, and many millions like me, choosing you to lead our new American Soil ground strategy. Given the dramatic changes on the ground here in the first week of November, it is time to look at that strategy and see if a course correction is in order, or if the strategy is working.

A friend of mine recently wrote about why she believed voting no longer mattered because the Oligarchy controls everything in politics and who you vote for makes no difference. Despite the recent setbacks we have seen, including the large disappointment in Obama shown by Progressives, I believe nothing could be further from the truth. It […]


The simple mention of the word stirs emotions in Jews, Muslims and Christians. Most argue that this is because people do not know what the word means. I disagree. I believe the problem lies in the fact that the word no longer has any meaning at all.

No one could have guessed last Sunday that the big political topic of the week would be the winner of the Kentucky Republican Senate Primary. However, one badly botched Rachel Maddow Interview, flippant comment about BP and Patriotism, really unneeded endorsement from John Stossel, and cancellation on Meet The Press later, Rand Paul is all […]

Here, on a liberal blog, where I found myself in agreement with people’s general comments 95% of the time (the rest being trolls), was diatribe after diatribe attacking… well, honestly, the writers didn’t even seem to know exactly what they were attacking. I had been catapulted into a world where the words “Jew”, “Zionist”, “Israeli”, “Occupiers”, “Settlers”,”so-called Jewish”, “dual citizens” and “neo-cons” were all used interchangeably, as were “Palestinian”, “Jordanian”, “terrorist”, “PLO”, “Fatah”, “Hamas” – sometimes in the same sentence. It was a world where people whom I had read on other threads and seemed perfectly rational to me were practically frothing at the mouth.

David Nolan, without even sitting in the same room with me once in over 18 months you have helped me become something I have always wanted to be – a writer. I will miss you terribly. Rest In Peace.

Like almost everyone I have witnessed and/or been a victim of some sort of discrimination, be it racial or religious. I consider myself to be extremely open-minded and non-judgmental, so writing about racism should be easy, right? Wrong.

As a supporter of Obama’s from day one, with a strong belief that he intends to do the right thing, I believe he should pay very close attention to this resignation letter. I think it is a spot on analysis of the situation. Even Charlie Wilson, the Republican ex-Congressman largely responsible for the Afghan success […]

OK – A little honesty up front. I am an adamant supporter of Obama’s domestic policies, and cautiously optimistic about his foreign policy. I am also as surprised as anyone that he won the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. I am not even slightly surprised by the attacks against his winning it that have come […]

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