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The very concept of “government by consent of the governed” allows for fundamental change to our economic system as the will of the people evolves.

So we are left with the good old “America, love-it-or-leave-it” decision. Well, it just so happens that I love this country – or at least the ideas that make up what this country is supposed to be, so I’m sticking; and as long as I’m sticking I’m going to put forward some ideas to make things better – because screaming at my TV is starting to make my head hurt.

I have been planning to write on health care, and certainly will at some point. But for now, there is nothing I could say about the piece of manure put forth by Sen Baucus yesterday that is not brought home better by this.

The deterioration of critical thinking in our school curricula has contributed to our becoming a nation of morons. This may explain the roots of our “moron-ness”, but fails to look at how it is reinforced in our adult life. How does one go from a child lacking the skills to form an opinion to an adult with an unwavering opinion?

Many reasons have been posited for the crazy rantings of birthers, deathers, tenthers and teabaggers (yes I know that isn’t what they call themselves but who could resist). Many have tried to decode the reasons behind believing in death panels and screams of keep government out of Medicare. Some believe it stems from economic fear and desperation, some from religious fervor, and some from racism. I think it is much simpler than that.

We have become a nation of morons.

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