I’m confused.

The one thing I have come to count on when I blog is that for every 15 – 20 unique readers of a given article I can expect one reply. Some agree, some disagree, and some think I am way off the beam but no one would ever accuse the people I know of lacking opinions.

So you can imagine my surprise that a week after I posted “Dear Mr. President, or How You Lost Me” I have had one person comment. One. And that person happens to also be my father. Even those who have accused me in the past of “drinking the Obama Kool Aid” have failed to post an “I-Told-you-so.”

So I ask you all to do something unique. I want to hear why you have nothing to say. Is it disinterest? Is it not wanting to face an ugly truth? Is it that I come across as a pompous windbag?

This is not ego speaking. My readership is small to begin with, and it is a busy time of year. Plus I know not everything I write is going to be a gem. However, if by some small chance I touched a nerve here I am very curious to know what nerve I touched.