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Just a quick note to any who might care that as part of my attempt to fight the Trumpies that be I am reviving my dormant blog, The Truth Machine. In the next few weeks I will be tightening up the look and feel, publishing some new articles, and some new stuff. “What new stuff?”, […]

A friend of mine has posited that the best solution to the negative economic impact of inefficiencies in government social safety net programs is to simply give poor people the money directly and let them determine how best to spend it. He does not, however, support a minimum wage. Here is my argument that the minimum wage is not only a good ides, but arguably a good conservative idea.

The info verse is all atwitter, and all afacebook, and all awhateveryouread, over one question; is Ron Paul a racist? Let’s assume the answer is “no”, that the argument that he didn’t write any of the racist and homophobic articles, ads and letters released under his name is true. Let us assume that he honestly […]

Weiner should resign.

Last week the Democratic National Committee announced that it would eschew the “50 State Initiative” methodology used in the 2008 Presidential campaign in lieu of a more traditional campaign that will allow them to focus large amounted of money on “states in play”. Even in the days of Citizens United, this is a mistake – as you would have thought they learned just this last year.

This past Friday was the 20th anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riot. The NY Times City Room Blog tells the story of a neighborhood on a slow boil finally erupting and paints the police as being caught up in something they lost control of. Unfortunately, the NY Times has it wrong.

For better or for worse, the reality is that some people are dangerous as long as they are alive, and they are so because they made themselves that way.

Saturday Feb 27, 2:30 PM: Session: Jerusalem: Divisible with Liberty and Justice For All? Chair: Yuval Beziman, Usa Director, Geneva Initiative Moderator: Eetta Prince-Gibson, Eitor-in-Chief, The Jerusalem Report Panel: Rabbi Ed Feld – Senior Editor of Mahzor Lev Shalem, Danny Seidemann – Founder of Terrestrial Jerusalem, Laura Wharton – Member of Jerusalem City Council Prince-Gibson: […]

Good morning all. Day 2 is filled with Panel and Plenary Sessions. I, of course, can only be in one place at a time so we will be starting with Do Israelis “Care About Peace”? Saturday, Feb. 27, 9:00 AM: Chair: Hanna Barag, Board Member, Yesh Din. Israeli organization that monitors and advocates for the […]

Well I could hardly write so much about his time on the air and not comment on his going off, now could I? As I read through the online chatter about The Olbermann/MSNBC divorce I am amazed how the left sound exactly like FOX viewers would sound if O’Reilly got canned. I love Olbermann’s show, […]

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