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Weiner should resign.

This past Friday was the 20th anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riot. The NY Times City Room Blog tells the story of a neighborhood on a slow boil finally erupting and paints the police as being caught up in something they lost control of. Unfortunately, the NY Times has it wrong.

Well I could hardly write so much about his time on the air and not comment on his going off, now could I? As I read through the online chatter about The Olbermann/MSNBC divorce I am amazed how the left sound exactly like FOX viewers would sound if O’Reilly got canned. I love Olbermann’s show, […]

It is time for us all to agree on one thing at least; the shootings in Arizona Saturday were not about Left or Right, and the only people who are saying that are the right, who claim they are being “demonized.” This is about responsible vs. irresponsible behavior. Not just the behavior of the individual, […]

On Olbermann


I find myself in a place that is rare for me. Unlike almost everyone on the left that I know, I agree with MSNBC’s decision to suspend Olbermann, whom I watch most every weeknight.

No one could have guessed last Sunday that the big political topic of the week would be the winner of the Kentucky Republican Senate Primary. However, one badly botched Rachel Maddow Interview, flippant comment about BP and Patriotism, really unneeded endorsement from John Stossel, and cancellation on Meet The Press later, Rand Paul is all […]

Here, on a liberal blog, where I found myself in agreement with people’s general comments 95% of the time (the rest being trolls), was diatribe after diatribe attacking… well, honestly, the writers didn’t even seem to know exactly what they were attacking. I had been catapulted into a world where the words “Jew”, “Zionist”, “Israeli”, “Occupiers”, “Settlers”,”so-called Jewish”, “dual citizens” and “neo-cons” were all used interchangeably, as were “Palestinian”, “Jordanian”, “terrorist”, “PLO”, “Fatah”, “Hamas” – sometimes in the same sentence. It was a world where people whom I had read on other threads and seemed perfectly rational to me were practically frothing at the mouth.

Here are my suggestions for making the 24 hour news cycle more palatable – or at least more likely to include a warning sticker that it is not palatable (“In the case of outrage lasting more than 4 hours, please call your doctor as this may be a sign of a much more serious condition called a moral center”). Take a look, then share your five.

The deterioration of critical thinking in our school curricula has contributed to our becoming a nation of morons. This may explain the roots of our “moron-ness”, but fails to look at how it is reinforced in our adult life. How does one go from a child lacking the skills to form an opinion to an adult with an unwavering opinion?

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